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Can ignoring something be considered learning? Catch up with skydiver and Professor Brian Smith as he shares how his research in learning with bees teaches us new things about the importance of not paying attention, and busts myths about relationships in the hive. Not everyone is quite as sisterly as you might expect.

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Visual Neuroscience - Dr. Martinez-Conde

Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde is Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Visual Neuroscience. In this podcast, Dr. Martinez-Conde describes her research that focuses on understanding the neural code for visual perception using a combination of electrophysiology, psychophysics, computational simulations and brain imaging.

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Visual Perception - Dr Steve Macknik

Dr. Steve Macknik Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Visual Perception at the Barrow Neurological Institute at St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix Arizona discusses his research on visual perception. His research focuses on brain activity and blood flow in the brain relating to vision and olfactory perception.

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Neurosurgical Research - Dr Mark Preul

Dr. Mark Preul Director of Neurosurgery Research at the Barrow Neurological Institute at St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix Arizona provides some insight into current neurosurgery research projects. He discusses collaborative projects and the process involved in developing new medical technology.

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Behavioral Neuroscience Research in Stress - Dr. Cheryl Conrad

Dr. Cheryl Conrad ASU Professor in the Department of Psychology focuses her research on understanding how stress effects cognitive function such as learning and memory. In this podcast Dr. Conrad discusses her research aimed at understanding and treating cognitive disabilities.

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ASU and BNI Directors Discuss the Program - Drs Brian Smith and Eric Vu

Learn about the philosophy and goals of ASU’s new Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Degree program from its two directors, Brian H Smith, a Professor in the School of Life Sciences, and Eric Vu, a Staff Scientist at the Barrow Neurological Institute.

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