Susana Martinez-Conde

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Barrow Neurological Institute
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Neural Systems

"Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde is a laboratory director at the Barrow Neurological Institute. The Nobel laureate, David Hubel, at Harvard Medical School, trained her and she has contributed to the field of visual neuroscience. The research focuses on understanding the neural bases of our visual experience. How can the electrical activities of a neuron, or a neuronal population, convey the color or brightness of an object? How can we determine the signal from the noise in a train of electrical impulses within a neuron? What type of neural code do neurons use to communicate information to each other? How are neural impulses grouped to represent the different features of a visual scene? To address these questions we use a combination of techniques, including fMRI, electrophysiological recordings from single neurons, psychophysical measurements, and computational models of visual function."