Nader Sanai

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Barrow Neurological Institute
Research Interests: 
Neurological Research and Surgery

Our laboratory investigates the role of CNS progenitors in the normal human brain and in the context of CNS malignancy. In science and medicine, a new path is now emerging that links neuro-oncology with developmental neurobiology and recent work suggests that neural or glial progenitor populations may be the cells-of-origin for human brain tumors. The adult human brain, long thought to be a static and fully-differentiated organ, is now known to contain small populations of stem cells, residing throughout the brain tissue. Our laboratory is a collaborative workspace, where graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and neurosurgical residents work alongside physiologic imaging specialists, developmental neurobiologists, adult and pediatric neuropathologists, and clinical neuro-oncologists. Currently, we are focused on characterizing (1) the human subventricular zone, (2) white matter progenitor cells, and (3) surrogate markers for brain tumors and brain tumor stem cells.