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School of Speech and Hearing Science
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Cochlear Implants

Our laboratory investigates many aspects of speech, voice and music perception by patients fit with cochlear implants and by normal-hearing subjects listening to simulations of cochlear implants. One line of research, conducted in collaboration with Anu Sharma at the University of Colorado at Boulder, focuses on neural plasticity in children. In this work, we use cortical auditory-evoked potentials to assess the development, deterioration and plasticity of central auditory pathways in normal-hearing children, children with hearing-impairments and profoundly deaf children fit with cochlear implants. Our major research effort is to improve the understanding of speech delivered by cochlear implants. This work is funded both by NIH and by industry. We have created new listening environments using surround sound technology which should allow us to better assess new technologies – including technologies for patients who combine electric and acoustic stimulation in one or both ears.