Metin Akay

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School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering
Research Interests: 

Dynamics of Respiratory Neural Networks
"We propose that serotonergic mechanisms that co-localize with Serotonin are central to cardiorespiratory interactions. We will test this serotonergic hypothesis by studying the dynamics (complexity) of upper airway muscle (Genioglossus) and diaphragm EMG signals, by using antagonists of serotonin, and by creating lesions within the RVM and medullary raphé in chronic rats that target serotonergic neurons during early maturation. Thus, we will. characterize and quantify the complexity of the output of the central respiratory controller, monitored as the diaphragm EMG, to gain insights into how respiration is generated during wakefulness and sleep (REM and NREM), and b) to determine the influence of selective and complete inhibition of respiratory neurons in the rostral ventral medulla (RVM) and medullary raphé on the dynamics of respiratory patterns during wakefulness and sleep (REM and NREM) in unanesthetized, chronically instrumented, intact animals, and c) to determine the complexity of activities of medullary respiratory neurons during eupnea, hypoxia and hypercapnia during maturation."