Program Timeline for First Two Years

Home Curriculum Program Timeline for First Two Years

Semester One

  • Secure Lab Rotations by receiving email or signed verification of the labs that you will work in.
    • Minimum of 2 rotations by end of Fellowship
    • One rotation on campus and one rotation at Barrow Neurological Institute or at College of Medicine
  • Begin to form your Advisory Committee
  • Fellowship students must have a minimum of 9 credit hours
    • Cellular Molecular (6 hours)
    • Journal Club (1 hour)
    • Research (1 hour)
    • Ethics course (1 hour)

End of First Academic Year

  • Form an advisory committee composed of a potential mentor (Chair) and four program faculty members
  • Define milestones for your plan of study (including course work beyond requirements) and submit plan of study
  • Submit signed reports of your lab rotations

Beginning of Second Academic Year

  • Submit an outline for your dissertation topic

End of Second Academic Year

  • Determine schedule for Qualifying Exams, Dissertation and defense


  • At least one advisory committee meeting with signed progress report