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Current Fellowship holders will have to perform a minimum of 2 rotations of approximately 7 weeks each (half a semester) within the first year. If you do not yet have a lab/mentor, this may help you find one. However, that is not the primary purpose of lab rotations. The reason for the rotations is to familiarize you with a broader array of techniques and ideas than you might experience by working only in one lab/program. This is one fulfillment of the “interdisciplinary” nature of our program. For those whose research program will emphasize ASU labs, you might consider a rotation in a more clinically oriented lab at Barrow Neurological Institute, College of Medicine, or at TGen and vice versa. One justification for the Fellowship support is to relieve you of having to commit 20 hours/week to a TA so that you have time to do the rotations. At the end of each rotation, the student will write a short report describing the rotation. This report is to be signed by the student and laboratory leader in whose laboratory the rotation was performed.