Journal Club and Research Seminar

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Each semester students are required to participate in the Neuroscience Journal Club and/or the Neuroscience Research Seminar. Students must enroll in at least one of the courses every fall and spring semester (both courses can be taken in the same semester, but must still take at least one of the courses every semester). A minimum of four (4) semesters each of Neuroscience Journal Club and Neuroscience Research Seminar is required for every student. 

The Neuroscience Journal Club emphasize interdisciplinary approaches to both basic and clinical Neuroscience. Students will take a lead role in organizing the clubs. Several speakers each semester will come from local institutions (ASU and the clinical partners) in order to bring students in contact with diverse research programs and foster the translational philosophy of the program. The journal clubs meet weekly throughout the fall and spring semesters to discuss recent publications centered around special topics (e.g. aging, auditory processing, circadian rhythms, drug abuse, neuroethology, etc.).

The Neuroscience Research Seminar provides the students with an opportunity to present a research seminar, a valuable experience for the student’s career development. The seminar is open to faculty and students, and about once a month a guest speaker will  present a seminar. Faculty and students will benefit from becoming more informed about the research going on in the diverse and interdisciplinary neuroscience community at Arizona State University, the Barrow Neurological Institute, the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, and the Translational Genomic Research Institute (T-Gen). 2014 Fall Schedule.