Plan of Study (iPOS)

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Plan of StuDy (iPOS) – filed prior to the fall semester of the 2nd year

In consultation with their mentor and committee, students will be able to customize the plan of study to suit their particular interests and goals 

  1. Minimum of 84 hours required
    • 12 hours of dissertation
    • Research hours (each semester)
    • 10 hours of formal course credits will be comprised of the Core Course Sequence: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (6 credits) and Human Systems Neuroscience (4 credits)
      • All students must complete the two core lecture courses in the first year
      • Must be completed before the oral and written evaluation exams are taken
    • 1 credit hour of Journal Club each semester and/or Neuroscience Research Seminar (students are expected to enroll in one or both courses, for both Fall and Spring semesters)
      • Must take a minimum of four (4) semesters each of Journal Club and Neuroscience Research Seminar
      • Must take at least one of the courses each semester (both courses can be take in the same semester, but must still take at least one of the courses the next semester)
    • 4 hours of Professional Development courses
    • At least 18 credits of formal course work are required (Journal Club and Neuroscience Research Seminar credit hours count towards the 18 credits)
    • Additional credits will be comprised of specialized disciplinary courses chosen in consultation with the mentor and advisory committee
  2. No more than 6 credit hours of 400-level coursework can be included on a graduate student’s plan of study
  3. If a student has previous graduate level credits but has not received a graduate level degree, a maximum of 12 semester hours of credit completed before admission may be petitioned from Graduate Education to be included on the plan of study for the current doctoral degree. These credit hours cannot include dissertation or research hours
  4. A student may apply up to 30 semester hours from a previously awarded master’s degree toward their doctoral plan of study, pending approval from Graduate Education
  5. A student may not apply credit hours earned for a doctoral degree previously awarded at ASU or another institution towards their current ASU doctoral degree
  6. Minimum GPA: 3.0 
  7. ‘B-‘ grade or better in core courses and a ‘C’ grade or better in all other courses on plan of study
  8. Fellowship students (first year) must have a minimum of 9 credit hours:
    • Fall Semester:
      • Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (6 hours) – NEU 555
      • Journal Club (1 hour) – NEU 558
      • Research (1 hour) – NEU 792
      • Ethics Course (1 hour)
    • Spring Semester:
      • Human Systems Neuroscience (4 hours) – NEU 556
      • Journal Club (1 hour) – NEU 558
      • Research – NEU 792
      • Ethics Course
      • (Depending on number of credit hours for research and for the ethics course an additional class may be added)