Dissertation and Defense

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  1. To be completed by end of 6th year
  2. Student must defend the dissertation within five years after passing the comprehensive examinations.  Therefore, the maximum time limit is the shortest of the following:
    1. Time period since initial enrollment (10 year time limit)
    2. Time after passing the comprehensive exams (5 year time limit)
  3. Contact Beverly McBride to receive a Defense and Graduation Packet of Information for specific guidelines and deadline (email: beverly.mcbride@asu.edu, or stop by office: LSE 215)
  4. Must achieve candidacy
  5. Convene with advisory committee about 4 months before planned defense
  6. Register for a least 1 hour of appropriate graduate level credit during the semester in which the dissertation is defended
    1. International students please note that in order to register for only 1 credit hour and still be considered full-time (per visa requirements) you must contact the International Students and Scholars Office
  7. Students should submit their completed dissertation to their committee members at least one month prior to the scheduled exam
  8. Students are strongly advised to work with their committee members, allowing them sufficient time to provide input on the chapters
  9. Report exam results to Graduate Education before scheduling the date for the defense
  10. Defense should be scheduled at a mutually agreed on time by the student and advisory committee, taking into consideration the deadlines for graduation set by Graduate Education
  11. Submit request to hold the defense, dissertation and appropriate paperwork to Graduate Education at least 10 working days prior to scheduled defense date
  12. The first hour of the defense is a public presentation of the dissertation research. After the public defense, the student is examined by their advisory committee, who will judge whether the student’s performance in the oral and written exams are sufficient to award the PhD degree