Advisory Committee

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The Advisory Committee is selected by the end of the 2nd semester.

  • There will be one chair (the mentor), or two co-chairs on the committee and the balance will be committee members
  • The mentor must be endorsed to chair according to established criteria in place in the Graduate Education (Link to the Graduate Education website listing the Neuroscience faculty)
  • The committee will be formed by the student in consultation with his/her mentor by the end of the second semester
  • The committee is to consist of four program faculty members
  • Every student will meet with their entire advisory committee at least once per academic year
  • The mentor and the advisory commitee will submit an annual report of the student's progress.
    • The report is to be signed by the student, their advisor and by each of the committee members. 
    • The report will include:
      • A listing of course work completed and grades achieved;
      • A listing of laboratory rotations (if any);
      • A listing of academic milestones achieved in that  year;
      • A list of milestones for the coming year;
      • Any other information that is pertinent to the student's progress (papers published; attendance and presentations at professional meetings, etc.)