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Before getting started, here are some things you need to know about the Neuroscience PhD interdisciplinary program.

  • The program requires the completion of 84 credit hours.
  • At least 18 credits of formal course work are required.
  • In consultation with their committee and their supervisor/mentor, students will be able to customize their program of study to suit their particular interests and goals.
  • All students must complete two core lecture courses in the first year.
  • Every fall and spring semester students are required to enroll in Neuroscience Journal Club (NEU 558) and/or Neuroscience Research Seminar (NEU 591). Students must take at least one of the courses each semester, and have the option to enroll in both courses. A minimum of four (4) semesters of each course is required (i.e. 4 Neuroscience Journal Club and 4 Neuroscience Research Seminar courses).
  • Additional credits will be comprised of specialized disciplinary courses chosen in consultation with the mentor and advisory committee.
  • Laboratory rotations will be required. They will be planned by the student and their mentors/advisory committee.
  • Advancement to candidacy will be dependent on successfully passing a formal comprehensive examination that includes both a written proposal of the dissertation research and an oral examination in the broader areas that pertain to that research study. This will generally take place at the end of the second academic year. The written portion of this exam will have the form of an NIH or NSF proposal, complete with expected budget requirements, biosketch, facilities requirements and a training component, and is expected to propose the remaining two to three years of research and training, backing up the proposed concepts with preliminary results obtained up to that point. In the oral exam, students will be broadly questioned about the proposed research and related areas.
  • Four (4) hours of professional development courses.

Core Lecture Courses

There are two lecture courses that constitute the core curriculum in the first year. Read more about

Additional Courses

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Lab Rotations

Current Fellowship holders will have to perform a minimum of 2 rotations of approximately 7 weeks each (half a semester) within the first year. Read more about

Journal Club and Research Seminar

Each year students are required to participate in the Neuroscience Journal Clubs. Read more about

Program Timeline for First Two Years

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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is selected by the end of the 2nd semester. Read more about

Plan of Study (iPOS)


Qualifying Exam and Defense of Dissertation Prospectus

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Dissertation and Defense